Celebrate the 4th with Family Traditions

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Traditions are the transmission of customs or beliefs passed down from generation to generation.  Although you already know this, have you spent a few minutes to determine what traditions you are passing on to your future generations?  Consider July 4th….. what type of food do you serve?  Who is invited to your home?  What time do you have your meal?  Do you watch fireworks, and if so, where and with whom?  Simple actions such as these create memories and traditions that your children and other family members will use to create future...

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One Therapist’s Definition of Therapy

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Therapy is a place where you can begin to discover yourself.  It is a way to increase self-awareness. What is self-awareness?  It is understanding why we do what we do.  To understand ourselves, one model of therapy is to help you look back into childhood, family rules and patterns of behavior, and present behaviors.  Many times, we have created habits, or defense structures, that are based on decisions we made about life when we were young.  We found ways to manage the world around us so that we could function and stay safe.  That way...

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The typical symptoms for Depression are loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities, fatigue, changes in appetite, sleep disturbances and apathy.  Men may exhibit irritability, aggression or hostility, while women may exhibit sadness and worthlessness.  If you are not sure if you are depressed, there is a depression screening test online at Psych Central.  It is 18 questions and you will get an immediate score.  Or look on line for another source for depression testing.  (Keep in mind that only a licensed clinician can diagnosis...

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Reducing the Risk of Child Abuse

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Since the United States government declared April National Child Abuse Awareness Month in 1983, secular and religious organizations have worked together to address the causes and effects of child maltreatment and neglect. As a therapist, I witness the lifelong effects of emotional, physical and sexual abuse on children, and on adults who experienced trauma as youngsters. Increasingly we see that many cases of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses can have roots in childhood experience. According to the Department of Health and Human...

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Embracing A New Life

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In response to the Good News of Easter, we are told that we are a new creation.  We hear that our old life has passed away and our new life has come.  This is especially good news for those who are able to embrace this new identity.  Unfortunately, for many this claim doesn’t ring true and they quickly return to a life of negative thoughts, behaviors and habits.  This is not a new struggle, but dates back to the days of Jesus. In his letter to the Romans (7:15), Paul himself states, “I don’t understand my own actions.  For I do not...

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Why Does He…? Why Does She…?

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 “Why Does he walk away in the middle of a fight?”  “Why does she follow me around when I need space?” As you can tell from the title above, many couples have opposite responses to arguments.  In our culture, many women move toward their partner when they fight; and many men shut down or leave the room.  Just so you know – this is normal.  It is a dynamic in every relationship.  Imago Relationship Therapy describes this dynamic as “The Octopus and The Turtle.”   The Octopus is the person who reaches toward the other for...

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Why We Do What We Do

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Have you ever wondered about why we do what we do?  Have you ever been confused about a pattern in your relationships or struggled with your belief about life and God?  While there may be a number of ways to approach these questions, one popular approach in the mental health community is the concept of Attachment Theory.  The basic idea involves the nature of the bond between the infant and child with his or her primary caregiver(s).  The quality and character of the bond formed has profound effects on the way the child comes to view the...

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Are You the Family Caregiver?

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With recent medical advances and increasing life spans with better management of chronic illnesses there has been an increase in family care giving.  According to recent statistics nearly one-third of Americans are caring for relatives or friends 50 years or older.  This responsibility continues to fall mainly on the shoulders of women. In addition to maintaining full time jobs and managing households these caregivers are providing an average of 20 hours of care per week. While it can be one of the most satisfying it can also be one of the...

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Self-Improvement or Making Positive Change

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Self –Improvement or Making Positive Changes in Our lives Why do we not make the changes in our lives that we say we want?  Spending more time with our family,  losing weight,  volunteering ,quitting smoking,  going back to school, or seeking a new job might reflect  some of the changes that you have told yourself or others that you truly want to make.  Yet when it comes down to it, why don’t we make those changes or, if we do, why does it take so long? James O. Prochaska, Director of the Cancer Prevention Research Center and...

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Advent- Week 5- Purity

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Advent- Week 5- Purity

Happy are those who live in your house, ever singing your praise… Happy are those whose strength is in you… For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere, O Lord of hosts, happy is everyone who trusts in you.      Psalm 84

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