Imago — A New Way to Love

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by Sandy Berry

Imago Relationship Therapy is a theory that believes couples choose each other so that each person can grown into their full aliveness – full aliveness is that wonderful feeling you felt in the beginning of your relationship.  At some point in relationship, feeling fully alive begins to fade.  We find our relationship to be a place of conflict and lost hope.    Imago believes that this phase of all love relationships is a normal.  Our culture tells us to leave if a relationship gets too difficult.  But don’t leave!  Imago theory believes that the conflict in your relationship is an indicator that you are with the perfect person to help you grow into your full aliveness permanently.  In other words, conflict is a natural part of any relationship and is personal growth trying to happen.  It is through your own personal growth that you achieve your full aliveness.

In Imago Therapy, you are taught tools that help you and your partner understand the purpose of relationship.  It focuses on the connection between you and our partner, how you interrupt your connection and how to restore your connection.  It may be that communication gets distorted or arguments begin around differing beliefs about what to spend money on, how to raise the children, or who does the most work around the house.  There are many ways couples disconnect.  Imago relationship therapy is a way to understand these differences and how to resolve the conflict.