Marriage Preparation

Planning a Life Together

Because marriage is a deep and meaningful commitment…

Whether engaged or just thinking about it, we recommend you participate in our Marriage Preparation program early in your decision or engagement process.  If possible, couples are encouraged to schedule consultation at least six months prior to the wedding.

The Marriage Preparation Program offers:

  • Enhancement of your communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Clarification of your expectations, goals and hopes for your marriage.
  • An opportunity to consider and discuss how a Christian commitment and marriage can strengthen your relationship.
  • Development of short and long term goals for your lives, both individually and together.
  • Tools for establishing and maintaining marital love, support and encouragement.
  • Opportunity to explore and discuss how your family origin’s beliefs, traditions, relating styles and expectations will blend with your mate’s and how this will influence your marriage.
  • Time together to focus on your relationship and talk through your hopes and dreams.

The Marriage Preparation Program is $295 and includes:

  • Three consultation hours with a therapist
  • Two workbooks

We suggest you view the Who We Are section of this web site and read about our therapists to see which one you feel would be a good fit.

To schedule consultations or get more information, contact CenterPoint at 317-252-5518 or