Stephanie Lowe-Burry

Stephanie Lowe-Sagebiel

Stephanie Lowe-Burry, MSW, LCSW has been practicing social work in Indianapolis for nearly twenty years.  She joined CenterPoint Counseling in January 2004 and specializes in work with families and children entering into (and having gone through) divorce.  Stephanie develops and implements the curriculum for the New Day Program for children and families of divorce.  In addition, Stephanie developed the “In Between” program to meet the variety of needs that preteen and teenage girls experience from defining and negotiating friendships… to recognizing and handling signs of self harm or abuse.  These workshops are ongoing.

In her private practice, she sees families, individuals, and children working on issues of anxiety, anger, grief, transitions in custody, co-parenting and the redefinition of the family structure.  She also works with blended families and families of adoption.  Adjustment, change and transition is a part of life where Stephanie walks with adults, teens and children to develop healthy skills to manage life’s challenges.

Prior to joining CenterPoint, Stephanie:

  • Spent several years in community-based social work practice with the John H. Boner Community Center dealing with crisis and emergency planning for families and children of the near eastside.
  • Established programs to meet the needs of neighborhood children and teens, including summer camps, after school programs, alternative-to-suspension programs, holiday programs and therapeutic groups.
  • Worked with the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP), where she assisted local congregations in meeting the needs of their low-income neighbors.
  • Received her B.A. degree from Hanover College.
  • Earned her M.S.W. from the Indiana University School of Social Work in Indianapolis.

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