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New Day for Children of Divorce

Posted by in Articles, Jennifer Murphy

“In the night there are many tears, but JOY comes in the New Day!” Psalm 30:5 New Day for Children of Divorce is a unique and special program! In the words of a past fifth grade participant, “New Day is the only place I can truly be me!” What a powerful statement. With all of the hours in a month, this young participant felt himself for only four of them. This is a great testimony for the value of the New Day program. New Day is a directional support group for families of divorces and the program takes over Second Presbyterian Church two Tuesdays per month. After completing the enrollment process, parents and children (ages 3 years-8th grade) join other families,...

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Posted by in Articles, David Chaddock

Life is full of challenging questions.  One of the most soul-wrenching questions is whether you should stay in your struggling marriage (relationship) or not.  This decision impacts every aspect of your life.  With so much on the line, this decision is difficult and overwhelming.  Many women ask themselves, “What happened to my marriage and can it be saved?” Two key ingredients for any successful relationship are a sense of “connection” and “care-giving”, which we all desire.  Early in a relationship, we enjoy a fun connection and would do anything to help each other.  Kindness and affection flows easily. As the relationship becomes more established,...

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Creative Custody

Posted by in Articles, Stephanie Lowe-Sagebiel

by Stephanie Lowe-Sagebiel The ongoing issues of divorce never seem to get more complicated than when children are involved.  Many times, parents, who are still in the midst of dealing with their own grief and loss, feel completely overwhlemed when considering how to organize their children’s lives.  As a result, beleaguered parents may ask their attorneys and judges for assistance and may end up with something akin to the Indiana Parenting Guidelines. Custody arrangements do not have to be left up to the courts.  You know your family and your children better than anyone.  Different arrangements can meet the needs of different personalities and parenting...

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The Invisible Divorce: Relationship Exits

Posted by in Articles, Sandy Berry

by Sandy Berry A relationship “exit” is defined as ways you prevent intimacy by using energy to create conflict or to avoid involvement. Exits are activities we do in order to avoid dealing with feelings we have about or toward our partner or our relationship.  Rather than talking with your partner, you choose not to discuss it with them and use that energy doing something else.  This leaks energy from your relationship and reduces your ability to resolve conflict or to increase intimacy. Examples of exits are: Major Exits might include affairs, addictions, or divorce. Minor Exits might include cleaning the house, spending time with others (children, friends or...

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The Holidays and Being Newly Divorced

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If you find that this is your first holiday newly divorced, it is important to recognize that the holidays will not be the same. Even though you may do the same things, someone is missing. It may be an opportunity to create new traditions by celebrating all you can from the old- but in a new way. Another way to help manage the holidays is to break them into time periods in your mind so you don’t deal with them all at once. Take them one day at a time and one holiday at a time. You may be stressed and sad about the things you will no longer be doing. When you grieve the losses from your divorce, give yourself a set time limit to cry and feel sad, then go on to other...

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