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You betcha!  ‘Tis the season and particularly for college students!  So, a part of this care package is some quick exercises to support your wellness!  Don’t have time to put on the sneakers and hit the gym?   I encourage you to try breathing and meditation!  It can be a quick exercise to help center oneself back to a place of serenity when feeling overwhelmed. I encourage you to try the Breathing Exercise and Guided Meditation listed below to support your intention to do well in your classes with a calm and creative brain.  These sites and links are available at your College website @ Second.  Use the QR code at the right for the link.   Breathing...

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Wellness in the Holiday Season

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Written by:  Dr. David Chaddock The holiday season has come again.  This is a time of joy and celebration.  It’s a time when we renew our hopes and dreams about our relationships and future.  But too often, the holiday season is also a time of greater stress, loneliness and grief.  Roughly 80% of respondents in a recent poll described this time of year as “mostly” or “very” stressful.  Unfortunately, the stress of the season often makes it difficult to truly celebrate the season or focus on the Love of God, as expressed through the birth of Jesus. As we begin this holiday season, let us remember these tips so we can pursue the deeper meaning of Christ’s...

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