The Holidays and Being Newly Divorced

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If you find that this is your first holiday newly divorced, it is important to recognize that the holidays will not be the same. Even though you may do the same things, someone is missing. It may be an opportunity to create new traditions by celebrating all you can from the old- but in a new way. Another way to help manage the holidays is to break them into time periods in your mind so you don’t deal with them all at once. Take them one day at a time and one holiday at a time.

You may be stressed and sad about the things you will no longer be doing. When you grieve the losses from your divorce, give yourself a set time limit to cry and feel sad, then go on to other things. This may be hard, but you can do it. When the holiday is over, try to dwell on the positive parts of it.

Keep the future in mind. Remind yourself that you will recover and have high hopes about the next year. If you need further support, join a divorce or grief recovery group like New Day or Turning Point.