The Platinum Rule of Relationship

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by Sandy Berry

Many of us learned how to treat others when we were children practicing the Golden Rule:  Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You.  It is a great standard.   Here is another great idea; it is the Platinum Rule that you can add to your standard rules that enhance your relationships.

The Platinum Rule states:  Do Unto Others As They Want You To Do Unto Them.

Every person has a unique way to see the world, and we would fair better in relationship if we learn what our partner wants or needs.  Would they prefer an act of service, a gift, words of affirmation, time spent together, or physical touch (suggestions from Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love languages).

Many times we give them what we think they would like or what we ourselves would like and assume they are like us.  Becoming observant to what people say they want, and to be curious about them, will help ensure that the loving gesture you desire to give them has the positive impact you intend.