David Chaddock

CHADDOCK-DAVID-709-editDavid helped form CenterPoint in 1987 and has been its director since 2000. He works primarily with couples on relationship issues and with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma.

David’s credentials include:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
  • Marriage and Family Therapist.
  • Fellow with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.
  • Certified Imago Relationship Therapist.
  • Ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.

In addition to counseling clients and serving as CenterPoint director, David:

  • Developed the New Day for Children of Divorce program.
  • Has led numerous workshops on topics including:
    – Developing a Lasting Love.
    – Important Ingredients for Rearing Healthy Children.
    – Learning to Manage Your Grief and Loss.
    – Forgiveness, Trust, and the Path to Healing.

Contact David at: dchaddock@centerpointcounseling.org

(Dr. David Chaddock is not contracted with any insurance companies.  Benefits will depend on an individual’s “out-of-network” coverage.)