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  • Ellen Harrington, LMHC, LCAC

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    Are you feeling stuck? Wondering why you keep finding yourself in the same painful relationships and difficult situations? If you’re willing to consider every angle in an effort to have a fulfilling life, Ellen would be interested in helping you find the answers. She enjoys working with a variety of clients- adults and teens, and is inspired by watching people grow and heal! Ellen can also assist with grief and loss, work conflict, anxiety, depression and stress management. Let’s talk about self care and healthy coping skills!

    Her specialty includes substance addiction (alcohol, drugs), and trauma. Oftentimes, addiction and trauma go hand in hand. She has a tremendous amount of compassion for those struggling with addiction due to the hidden shame that goes along with these self-destructive behaviors. Ellen’s first-hand experience with recovery allows her to have a unique understanding without judgment.

    Ellen’s credentials Include:

    • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
    • Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor
    • Certified EMDR Therapist